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Newbies Blogging for Beginners Series

2007 February 12 by CB · 3 Comments · blogging blogginess, edublogs.org

Some suggested resources for those new to edublogs.org and its siblings, based on the WordPressMU platform.

ProBloggers – Blogging for Beginners Series

Whether you are a novice, beginner, intermediate, or advanced blogger, take time to read through the Blogging for Beginners series by ProBlogger.

It covers a wide range of topics that you need to know to help you get started with blogging. And when you come back here, the following related articles will also help you get your blog up and running and doing it with style and not stress.
Lorelle VanFossen http://tinyurl.com/2e2fkj

WordPress.ORG Codex
Introduction to Blogging
Introduction to WordPress Terminology
WordPressMU and wordpress.com

The edublogses are based upon WordPressMU (multi-user) and not WordPress.ORG (self-hosted) or the WordPress.COM Confusing? yes. There are general similarities amongst the three flavors, but also significant differences at the operational (user) level.
WordPressMU and wordpress.com

WordPressμ http://mu.wordpress.org/