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How to make a Thumbtop PC

2007 June 5 by CB · No Comments · blogging blogginess, edublogs.org

Over at http://edublogs.org/forums/ is an interesting set of suggestions for mobile apps, either for cell phone and other handheld devices or laptops.

Wibowo at http://nooventures.edublogs.org/ started this discussion by mentioning www.skweezer.net. He added a whole group of interesting “Dial-up and Mobility Survival Kits” that he uses. Must see his list at http://edublogs.org/forums/topic.php?id=784&replies=5#post-3762

Skweezer can evidently act as an Internet portal but also strips the CSS styles off webpages. This makes for quicker access for dial-ups and those who pay minute by minute for Internet access. It struck me similar applications might include “tiny apps” or software on a “stick” or pen drive or other flash drive. If you use public computers, these can also protect your privacy. And why eat up that heavy laptop storage space when you could be using it for blog research and photos?

I haven’t tried all these out but they are worth exploring for those needing to remain publicly anonymous or to lose weight.


Gizmo’s Support Alert Newsletter Issue 145, Premium Edition, 24th May, 2007 , lists replacements for an on-the-road computer– the thumb drive (or camera flashcard) including windows XP on a USB Flash Drive http://techsupportalert.com


from Fred Langa of LangaList now Windows Secrets Newsletter at http://windowssecrets.com/comp/


a collection of very small PC apps, from email clients to operating systems, under 1.44mb, though most are *much* smaller (in the 100-200k range). Miles Wolbe http://www.tinyapps.org/blog/

Flash-Drive Software , Kim Komando’s site at



searched using Google: http://tinyurl.com/s2uak

“More OS-On-A-Stick Options”

and a step-by-step article on Windows XP On Your USB Thumb/Flash Drive


applications that are small, portable (i.e. no registry dependencies, relative pathing, etc.) and, ideally, free or low cost. http://www.usbapps.com/

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