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Inaugural edublogger magazine

2008 February 5 by CB · 1 Comment · blogging blogginess, edublogs.org, references

A new on-line magazine has been launched.

Today is the official birth date of the Edublogs Magazine. It’s been almost a year from the idea-dancing-around-our-head stage, trying to come up with a way to create an umbrella blog that would bring together the exciting Edublogs community.

We wanted to feature bloggers and news from within the Edublogs Network represented by Edublogs, Learnerblogs, Uniblogs, and ESLblogs.

We wanted to provide a place where Edublog members could publish articles offering their special insights into education today, past, and the future of online education technologies.

This link will get you started. It includes the direct links to the RSS feeds for specific categories of interest or to the magazine as a whole.

I hope you enjoy an article I wrote as well as the rest of the mag.

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  • jaharr

    Hi there! Just a quick note to thank you for visiting us at http://www.whereintheworld.edublogs.org and leaving a comment that both inspired and engaged my students! It is just the sort of thing you need to kickstart students and a school that is new to blogging, most of them wonder what is this blogging thing and why are we doing it? Watching their faces light up as they see their first visitor from overseas appear on the custrmap and the realisation that they have a worlwide audience is precious. Thankyou so much