Song to time handwashing (Yup’ik Eskimo)

Happy Birthday song in Yup’ik Eskimo (mp3) click to play or right click to download and play <—Happy Birthday song in Yup’ik Eskimo (mp3) click to play or right click to download and play

Read all about it here,
Song in Yup’ik to time handwashing and here,
Song to time hand washing for hygiene and disease prevention

Tumblr as E-mail complement to web logging

Eudora is a great note taking, journal/diary, correspondence, info management, etc. I have the last Windows version (Eudora 7) which also has a built-in X1 file searcher. Eudora doesn’t have the ability to quickly add a reminder, unlike Outlook or other PIMs (personal information managers. Lotus Organizer was also great but no longer published). However, Eudora uses plain text to organize emails which means the messages and the index (metadata) can be read by other programs and easily re-located and backed up on one’s own computer. Eudora will sometime (soon???) be replaced by its collaboration with Mozilla (I once tried Thunderbird with this extension but that messed up my Eudora mailboxes.)

and by a user-drive version which should be more like the classic Eudora, Odysseus

A lot of us Eudora users are beginning to lose hope. As one Eudora user put it: “I’d resigned myself to using Eudora until it no longer worked, then throwing myself out a window in despair.”

Eudora, Penelope, Odysseus

WordPress Mulituser (e.g., and don’t allow posting by email. I have never gotten BlogMailr to work, as a substitute.

Iron-age chalk Homer Simpson(click image to see original)
I am trying a Tumblr as a way to post to WordPress by E-mail: that is, I often have brief links or “bits and pieces” which need mentioning but not discussing. An example is Briefs 5a, now Tumblrd

//engtech guest blogged at Lorelle’s place about
What is Microblogging or Tumblelogging? Pros and Cons He also has done several greasemonkey scripts and Yahoo Pipes that make this process (sharing information via WordPress Multiuser, i.e., Edublogses) easier. (Internet duct tape to keep your on-line life together.)

Tumblr in its set up directions mentions the ability to microblog by cell phone. In fact, this is the same recipe for microblogging by E-mail. There are some quirks in the processing and display which I mentioned in my first test, Test by email.

Here are some other quirks I’ve noticed.

  • The e-mail “subject” became the “title”
  • The message body is the post
  • A signature can be added by Eudora (all scrunched up. No paragraphs) but it takes a bit of extra coding to have it display reasonably. see example below
  • Not much width allowed
  • blind-copy emails aren’t posted
  • cc or “carbon” copy e-mails are posted
    1. STOP. Before emailing to your Tumblr– Tumblr doesn’t care who sends stuff to your secret Tumblr email address, so don’t broadcast the email address for posting.
  • tags or categories are not added automatically. I borrowed //engtech’s idea of using square brackets [bird flu, teachers] as the initial E-mail subject line. Then hope that users will use their browser search function to find the correct posts (or later, you can add tags from within Tumblr’s edit function). The html site search tag doesn’t work, 😥
  • be sure to remove quotes from your E-mail forwards (strip those weird characters)
  • Eudora automatically detects URLs and hotlinks them. However, this is lost when forwarded into Tumblr. The solution is to select the hotlinked text, click on the make link button, copy the URL, then paste into the e-mail message.
  • Eudora sometimes translates URLs in messages with an angle bracket at either end < >
    Remove these from the E-mail (or space them away from the URL) so Tumblr will hotlink them automatically.
  • It does make a difference if mail is sent “plain” or “styled”. Styled isn’t at Tumblr’s end, but Plain is styled. (Now I’ve solved the problem of why some earlier Tumblrs looked differently from others.)

Here’s how I coded the latest signature in Eudora; check it out here

<br /><hr /><ul> for <li><a href="">Grassroots Science</a></li>
<li><a href="">Biocultural Science & Management </a></li></ul>

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ccLearn, copyright for classrooms

from Creative Commons for education
Cory Doctorow: Today Creative Commons announced ccLearn, a new division devoted to promoting the use of freely copyable materials for classrooms and education.

Our mission is to minimize barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials — legal barriers, technical barriers, and social barriers.
* With legal barriers, we advocate for licensing of educational materials under interoperable terms, such as those provided by Creative Commons licenses, that allow unhampered modification, remixing, and redistribution. We also educate teachers, learners, and policy makers about copyright and fair-use issues pertaining to education.

* With technical barriers, we promote interoperability standards and tools to facilitate remixing and reuse.

* With social barriers, we encourage teachers and learners to re-use educational materials available on the Web, and to build on each other’s contributions.

Inaugural edublogger magazine

A new on-line magazine has been launched.

Today is the official birth date of the Edublogs Magazine. It’s been almost a year from the idea-dancing-around-our-head stage, trying to come up with a way to create an umbrella blog that would bring together the exciting Edublogs community.

We wanted to feature bloggers and news from within the Edublogs Network represented by Edublogs, Learnerblogs, Uniblogs, and ESLblogs.

We wanted to provide a place where Edublog members could publish articles offering their special insights into education today, past, and the future of online education technologies.

This link will get you started. It includes the direct links to the RSS feeds for specific categories of interest or to the magazine as a whole.

I hope you enjoy an article I wrote as well as the rest of the mag.

Tundra Teachers

[updated] 2008-03-20

At one point there were few teachers from the tundra regions writing blogs. Few enough I could put them all into one RSS feed mix in the sidebar as I came across them.

This year there are quite a few new teachers writing about their experience teaching in rural Alaska. All the blogs are different in their approach and frequency of posting. Some are interested in hearing from readers; others are not. Margaret Avugiak and Kendra Krenz have unique perspectives.

I haven’t run across anyone using blogs in the classroom, yet. The Shageluk school is using their website, instead.

I wish more schools would use a blogging, especially and, platform as that enables more communication between classrooms and between writers and readers. Plus, all the blogging platforms offer RSS feeds for subscribing; some offer comment feeds such as WordPress and Edublogs. ( or Blogger has too many hoops for ordinary folks who wish to interact with the authors. However, just about all the major blogging hosts are represented. MSN Live tends to be used more by missionaries. Xanga has too few representatives and TypePad tends to have Alaska journalists.)

Take a look at all and suggest others. The community names are in brackets [ ]. To view information about the Alaska communities, simply put the village or city name where the Xxxx are (case sensitive) in your browser address bar when you get to this link For example, information about Bethel is located here:

And there is this school, not exactly of children, but definitely learning and interesting.

2008-11-01 Nushagak has finally become aware– and moved to,

2007-12-27 Bringing the work dog back into mushing news story from Dillingham

[revised 2008-03-17]

For another idea of what life in a remote school is like check out this news story. Be sure to read the comments posted at APRN as well.

Teaching in small rural schools presents unique challenges (mp3)

The Lake & Penninsula Borough has 14 schools but only 370 students. The smallest school has 10 students K-12. The largest has 75 students. Small schools in secluded parts of the state resent unique challenges to teachers who have to teach multiple subjects to multiple grade levels. Anne Hillman, KDLG – Dillingham 3/14/2008 06:17

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