Who knew a slash could be so forward

2006April27 == Thankfully, a reader has pointed out the importance of a / (slash or stroke or forward slash) to computers. The welcome/camai page for the companion site to this is
But if I mistakenly leave out that last slash, readers end up here http://ykalaska.uniblogs.org/welcome

2007-02-28 In this recent post, it seems most sites are not so picky about slashes any longer, including this one. But to be on the safe side, I would still use that trailing slash if present.

What’s a URL to do? – How to Save URLs

2007-03-22 There is an interesting, though tech discussion at http://www.dailyblogtips.com/speed-up-your-site-use-slashes-on-your-links/ It is directed more at people who can manipulate their sites but may still be of value to shared MU sites like the edublogses.

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