Steps to edublogging happiness

2007-03-01 revised

Blogging and the Internet, like computers over the past 60 years*, can be extremely useful for some things. But they are mostly famous for doing exactly what we say and not what we mean.

To avoid overdosing on frustration, follow these steps.

As the cover of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states–

  • Don’t Panic

(written in large, friendly letters)

  • Step refresh your browser. (reload the webpage)

  • Step switch browsers.
    (what may look odd in one browser looks fine in another. However, MS Internet Explorer does not behave according to the generally acceptable rules of Internet design. Any blog may look better in Firefox or Opera or Safari or Flock browsers.

  • Step enable cookies (referrers) in your browser.
  • Step empty your browser’s cache

  • Step log out of your account. Refresh. Log back in.

  • Step change themes.
    WordPress is open source. Themes do not all have consistent options. Some themes may not offer page comments or may truncate wide images. Some themes give extra help.
  • Penultimate Step — go to bed and try again in the morning. This avoids the

  • Ultimate Step — throw the blxxdy thing out the window.

* remember, the first computer bug (some 60 years ago) was analog, a moth, which flew into the wiring.

Please add missing steps in the comments. Also, I’d appreciate your suggestions for ordering the steps in their most effective order.

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3 thoughts on “Steps to edublogging happiness

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  2. Hi–

    I just thought you might be interested that I am including this post as a resource for a class I’m developing. The class is for K-12 teachers to learn blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other Web 2.0 technologies. I think this will be helpful to the teachers when they are creating their first blogs. Thanks for sharing it!

    Oh, and I think that perhaps logging out and coming back in should be before changing themes in the order of the steps.


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