Find other edublogging tips on-line

The cool cat at suggested a way to use the bookmark site, to mark various items from the web which would be of use to the edublogses. For example, his posts on theme reviews and his Auntie-Spam script for Firefox.

Here is what I have run across on the web and started to bookmark, edublogs+tips I don’t know why won’t use compound tags like Technorati but compound tags must have the plus sign and then puts quotes around that.

If others have a account, the tag edublogs+tips would link everyone’s findings. Alternatively, I think there is a way to send suggestions to my account, but haven’t tried this. When tagging at do not use the quotation marks but do use the plus sign.

The Freshy theme allows a widget, but the feed from the site for a particular user’s set of tagged bookmarks is real easy to add in an RSS widget. (The widget didn’t function for me but the rss does). For example

Site Search Tags: , , , , ,

Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

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